Pledge of Allegiance

With the increasing politicization of the Pledge of Allegiance, I translated the Pledge into a number of foreign languages (several of which belong to countries that we are in conflict with) and then render those texts as neon signs in videos and torn and weathered street posters for prints.

From now until June 23rd, my Pledge of Allegiance (German Neon) video is on display at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh.  It is located in the Heinz Galleries on the second floor.  Also, six of my Pledge of Allegiance protest posters are included in 30:2, a group show at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts from now until August 18th.

The video for Pledge of Allegiance (German Neon) is available for purchase through [s]edition, an online gallery that specializes in digital and video art.  It is an edition of 100 with the price starting at $8 and then increasing as the edition sells.  Once you register with [s]edition, you can view the artwork on your computer, smartphone or tablet, or even newer models of Samsung TVs.